Status: Taken

Face-Claim: Arielle Kebbel


Get to know your character: 1.

Movie: Monsters Inc.


Ages ago, Boo was the one year old human who had escaped from her room from which Randall intended to kidnap her. After developing an attachment to Sulley, Boo begins to call him Kitty and cling to him. Sulley eventually gives in, but has to send Boo back home for her own safety. According to what Sulley had said, she wouldn’t remember anything - he would be a nightmare. But she remembers everything. She even remembers the things she shouldn’t, and that’s what she needs answers for and him back. For years after, Boo is haunted by her memories but wants to find Sulley again. She is now eighteen and is on a search for Sulley, hoping to find him and welcome him back into her life as her friend. She still has her attachment to him, and is on the cruise to hopefully travel and find him - unknowingly, she has ended up on the same cruise ship as them - she just has to find them on the island. 


Boo is somewhat child-ish, especially when she is happy. She is giddy and is always being called adorable, even when she doesn’t believe it. She enjoys the life she lives. As she’s grown up, she’s become independent from her home family and she’s grown into her own person. She’s strong and loveable, and loved by many. She’s sweet until you get on her bad side - that’s when the claws come out. Lately, her bitchy side has been showing more often, growing antsy about not finding who she’s looking for.

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