Status: Open

Face-Claim: Liz Gillies

"Now, there is finally someone to love me."

Get to know your character: 1.

Movie: Cinderella


Anastasia is the cruel step sister to Cinderella. She spends most of her time harassing and humiliating Cinderella, and making her life horrible. It is shown that she doesn’t always get along with her sister, Drizella, and that the two are prone to arguments. Anastasia is shown to play the flute, though not necessarily well. Anastasia and Drizella make it almost impossible for Cinderella to live under their roof, but are jealous of the attention Cinderella gets from the prince and from everyone else. She is the youngest of the family, and her attitude usually shows that. While her attitude is prone to change at some time in the future, for right now she is as cruel as ever. She has been given everything to her handed to her on a silver platter, and wants to be loved the way Cinderella is by the prince. She will never admit her jealousy for Cinderella and only claims to know her to get people to accept her and love her just as much. She is in a constant fight for attention between Drizella and Cinderella both breathing down her neck and stealing the spotlight from her.


She is shown to be foolish, especially in her choices when it comes to Cinderella. She decides her fate with her step sister early, and it costs her a family member. She is selfish and it is shown through her determination to get the prince to love her. She destroys Cinderella’s dress out of selfishness. She’s clumsy and whiny, a typical rich girl attitude but it is amplified in her. She’s ditzy, but is mostly just that around men since she just wants them to love her.

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